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palavras muito fortes...

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When I noticed that she has no problems in understanding me when I speak to her in Mandarin, I decided that it was time for me to start reading Chinese storybooks to her. I find that if I always choose the simple board book to read to her, she has absolutely no interest in them and it would also make learning so boring. So, I pick those books that have a storyline like the Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood etc.
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I have had a bladder distention test done with ultrasound and the nurse told me that there was nothing unusual in shape and my bladder had voided correctly. I have had numerous diabetes tests, and had a full urine blood screening. I've had every useful diagnostic test except a cystoscopy, as far as I can see it..
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Here we go. Some riders swear by nitrogen in tires. OK, if it floats your boat buy some nitrogen. On 23 September, Paula Yates's funeral was held at the church of St Mary Magdalene in Davington, Kent. Paula's last journey was in a white coffin, which was covered in a blanket of tiger lilies. Bono sang Blue Skies.